It gives me immense pleasure to see that our vision of promoting practical application in higher education sector has become a dream come true. It is heartening to mention that SHEPA is taking a concrete shape now. The fast expanding world of 21st century is betokening new vistas in various sectors. It is for our colleagues in the industries, academicians in the universities and the private sector of the new global world to visualize the upcoming challenges. This will help in ensuring an appropriate level of preparedness in our young men and women for becoming a responsible citizen and leaders who can shape the country and above all become a good human being.

The Society for Higher Education and Practical Application (SHEPA) has launched a number of innovative programme and courses of studies under its overarching patronage. These programme draw their strength from the three key vision words-competence, commitment and confidence which we are constantly trying to translate into an accomplished fact and reality. Needless to mention that our two institutes, ICST (Institute of Computer Science and Technology) and I.Ed (Institute of Education) have been established by our society are a step in the right direction to fulfill the goals and mandates of this millennium.

I wish and pray that our benefactors will certainly provide us the necessary encouragement, strength and support to pursue this challenging task so that we are able to accomplish the highest standards of quality and excellence in teaching and learning programme designed for our graduates.